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Ertha (ERTHA) ICO Details & Financial Information

Ertha (ERTHA) ICO start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team and other important information.
ICO NameErtha
Start DateJanuary 04, 2022
End DateJanuary 04, 2022
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
4 Months ago

Ertha is a new P2E game with an exciting backstory launching on Binance smart chain, unlike anything else. The game will encompass an accurate life simulation on a massive scale where players will be able to micromanage their companies and countries in a satisfying and rewarding way.

The new metaverse will require players to consider their economic, infrastructure, and military development to advance and dominate other players.

Ertha will encompass multiple features that make it detail-oriented, making player decisions dynamically impactful in the metaverse.

The game is diverse between MMORPG and strategy genres and reminiscent of old-school games in its rich content.

ERTHA is a token and an in-game currency. Players will be rewarded using this token which can be achieved using multiple revenue systems.

3 Features Never Before Seen in an NFT Game
The world depicts actual planet earth and is divided into HEX plots, where players will decide to carve out their country in a real-world location.
350,000 HEX plots divide the world, and players will have to decide which plots they want to build on from an actual geographical location on the planet. HEX plots are NFTs and will be available to purchase.

There are multiple paths to choose from, each with its sub-tree of advancements to help the player become a dominating force in the game.
Whether you want to fight your way to dominance or take a more subtle path, the game will cater to different play styles. Your society will consist of businessmen who will boost your economy, scholars who will help you research new technologies, and fighters who will wage wars and protect your country from impending attacks. Players will be able to develop their country in a way that reflects their goals and pace.

The mechanics will bring unprecedented realism in the management of the player’s country.
Ertha has numerous mechanics at play, which would make it the most diverse and deep NFT based game out there. Maintaining your production, managing your companies, staying on top of the market and engaging in trade, planning your transport routes, and your fiscal budgets are all just examples of what makes Ertha unique.

A Rewarding Metaverse
Players will be rewarded in-game using different revenue mechanics and expecting to mimic a natural living environment in the revenue streams it generates for the player. Personal Ertha plots NFT will collect taxes, fees, and revenues from the different operations conducted on your HEX. This fleshes out the game and will encourage players to diversify their infrastructures and upgrades to ensure maximum utilization of their resources.

Holding Ertha plots NFT will earn more and more revenue to keep up with your competitors.

NFTs (HEXES) will retain their value in terms of development and strategic importance; The players will invest their game time in developing existing assets that they can later sell for a higher price depending on their location and growth.

A Rich Roadmap
The game developers plan to introduce more mechanics to bolster its diversity and deepen its realism. Some of these mechanics are but are not limited to:

Political parties & Parliament
Elections & Voting Systems


👀 Are you ready to find out more about what's next for the ERTHA Beta?

🙌 100 retweets and we'll let you know!

#PlayAndEarn #Metaverse #NFTGame

👀 Are you ready to find out more about what's next for the ERTHA Beta?

🙌 100 retweets and we'll let you know!

#PlayAndEarn #Metaverse #NFTGame

🤝 Great news - #ERTHA is collaborating with @SolChicksNFT!

🚀 Together, we’re launching an awesome #giveaway competition - win $CHICKS tokens and #NFT land!

👉 https://gleam.io/4QFBW/ertha-x-solchicks

🙌 ERTHA is gaining speed, and more good news are always around the corner. Stay tuned!

🌎 Have you already seen the new ERTHA Roadmap?!?

Check it out 👉 https://ertha.io/roadmap/

💙 It provides a lot of clarity about our awesome plans this year!

‼️ To play the ERTHA Beta:

1. Go to https://globe.ertha.com/#269386 (Note that it can take few mins to load the first time)
2. Click View on the HEX and sign up/log in
3. Click View again, and you're in!

❤️ From there, you can create your character and explore the Demo HEX!

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