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KubeCoin (KUBE) ICO Details & Financial Information

KubeCoin (KUBE) ICO start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team and other important information.
ICO NameKubeCoin
Start DateJune 10, 2022
End DateJune 10, 2022
3 Months ago

## What is KubeCoin?

KubeCoin is the cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industries. It is universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms and is built on Cardano.

KubeCoin is a decentralized DeFi token that provides a high utility layer to the KubeSystem. It will be used for:

* Covering hotel, restaurant and leisure activity expenses in the real world using NFC.
* Earning rewards and discounts on our Kube Marketplace and that of our global premium partners.
* Exchanging the miles earned (by purchasing through our platform) into rewards
* Rewarding our users and their friends through our referral program
* Ensuring there is a constant transactional flow of our coin

The KubeCoin EcoSystem includes:

* KubeCoin - Decentralized DeFi token which will revolutionize the travel and leisure industries.
* FlyKube - Surprise trips startup founded in 2017. The company operates in 7 of the biggest European markets, including Spain, France and Italy.
* EatKube - Surprise hospitality experience. It changes the way people experience dining out and takeaways with their friends and family.
* KubeBox - Coming soon.
* WowKube - Coming soon.
* Inkubator - Coming soon.
* NFT Platform - Coming soon.

## How many KubeCoin tokens are in circulation?

KubeCoin launched the first phase of its presale on 27th September 2021, with 19.2M tokens released into the world. For the three phases of the presale, a total of 76.8M tokens were allocated. Overall, there will be a total of 480M tokens in circulation when all of them are minted. From this 480M, 16% will go to the presale, 10% to liquidity locked, 10% to the board, 10% to burn, 4% to help the ecosystem’s expansion, 36% to public offering and 14% to ICO.

Here is some more information about how the KubeCoins are allocated in the Innovators round:

Purchase limits: €100 min - €10K max and the Innovators round is 4% of the total supply of KubeCoin.

## Who is the founder of KubeCoin?

KubeCoin was founded in Barcelona in 2021. Paolo Della Pepa, the CEO, had a vision to create a token that would become the main coin in the travel and leisure industries. As an investor of cryptocurrencies, Paolo knew that it was the future.

Due to the success of FlyKube and the potential of EatKube, expanding the Kube Ecosystem, which contains the 7 verticals, was the right thing to do. The surprise concept is modern, unique and also interests a lot of current travellers. This concept can be applied to many sectors such as leisure and entertainment.

Paolo has a very talented team of developers and designers, alongside the marketing department in order to promote the implementation of this token onto the other platforms from the Kube Ecosystem. Paolo and his team wanted to create something strong and substantial and that is what they have done.

## Where can I buy KubeCoin?

In order to be able to invest, you must create an account on www.kubecoin.org and complete the KYC verification. After your request has been approved, you can then invest and purchase some KubeCoin tokens.

In order to participate in the presale stage:

1. Go to https://www.kubecoin.org
2. Log in to your account
3. Go to the Invest section
4. You can invest in the phase that is available at the time
5. Click on Invest
6. On the page you will see the instructions to invest.

## What makes KubeCoin unique?

KubeCoin aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industry through its many use cases which can be seen on our website www.kubecoin.org. Our token has been designed to support our Kube Ecosystem and become our exchangeable currency and rewards tool to incentivise the use of our platforms and those of our partners’.

KubeCoin’s is unique in its aim to revolutionize the travel and leisure industry through its connection to FlyKube, EatKube and several other established businesses which allows rapid scalability and a shared ‘ecosystem’ connecting all of the lines of business.

## How is the KubeCoin network secured?

As kubecoin is a Cardano Native Token we have all the benefits of the Cardano network, meaning we have no need to worry about higher fees, or the security of our token's smart contract. There is none since it is completely integrated with the blockchain. As for which wallets to store the token in, how it's created, and who has access to the funds, we will disclose this information later on

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Paying for a product or service with #KubeCoin, you do not need to worry about high transaction fees as they will be transparent for the users and assumed by us and our partners 🤝

We have received a huge amount of questions about #exchanges.
Today, @paolodpwm will explain us the process of being listed 🤔

Find #KubeCoin on:
1️⃣ @HuobiGlobal
2️⃣ @gate_io
3️⃣ @MEXC_Global
4️⃣ @BitMartExchange
5️⃣ @BitrueOfficial
6️⃣ @Deepcoin_global

#KubeCoin has been nominated to speak at the #CardanoSummit 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland 🔥
Let's make it to the main stage and speak about the future of digital #payments!

Vote for KubeCoin in the "Developer" or "Wallet" section 👉 https://summit.cardano.org/nominations/

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ICO Ended
ICO NameKubeCoin
Start DateJune 10, 2022
End DateJune 24, 2022

ICO Ended
ICO NameKubeCoin
Start DateJune 10, 2022
End DateJuly 05, 2022

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