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Scaleswap (SCA) ICO Details & Financial Information

Scaleswap (SCA) ICO start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team and other important information.
ICO NameScaleswap
Start DateJuly 21, 2021
End Date--
End Time

The SCA token utility builds the central element of our ecosystem. It is the primary factor to obtain a high ScaleSCORE, where features are unlocked at certain token thresholds. Team is fully committed to utilizing SCA token to incentivize vital growth within the community.


😏It’s time to wake up and repair the market!

Remember we teased you about the new pre-IDO product? It allows our community to back projects in the early funding rounds that’re previously only available to venture capitalists and whales😱

💥More details: https://t.me/scaleswapann/561

🤩Meet our new media partner @blockchain_fest🔥

During the event speakers will cover everything including Future of Digital Money and Assets, Governance & Law, Current trends and challenges, Investing in #DeFi.

🗓2-3 June, Singapore

😎Check it out: https://blockchain-fest.asia

💥 What is Crypto #Slippage?

💥What are positive&negative sides of it and how to calculate the slippage?

💥 How to avoid crypto Slippage in #trading ?

💥Is There Slippage on @Scaleswapio ?

👉Find all the answers in our latest article: https://scaleswap.io/blog/what-is-slippage-in-crypto/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=blog

🤝Meet @Blockverse101 our new media partner🤩 Virtual forum about current blockchain implementation and strategies.
💥🔟cases studies
💥Interactive panel discussions

❗️Tickets are limited to ensure high quality networking and benchmarking opportunities🔥https://www.blockverse.co

👋 Hey Scaleswapers! We have curated some important crypto #news for you! Crypto is the future. Go check them out 🔥
#Ethereum #opensea #BoredApe @Blockverse101 #Nomura #btc #coinbase

💥What Is the Difference Between Ether and Wrapped Ether? Explained👉 https://scaleswap.io/blog/eth-vs-weth-explained-what-is-the-difference-between-ether-and-wrapped-ether/

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